MagMediaOnline Administration Site (DL380G4-L)

  All data through payroll(W2)/payments(1099-MISC/DIV/INT/R) Year 2023 have been submitted and approved. Any changes to W2 information will have to be processed as a W2C.

Address changes and reprints DO NOT require a W2C.

The changes that may be performed include Social Security Numbers, name and address information as well as pay and tax numbers. If you're correcting state wage and tax information for NYS, WI, etc, a state correction form will have to be filed. Please contact us for the forms and steps and we will assist you.
If you have changes to 1099s (all form types) please contact us first. The changes that are made may affect the type of correction format that has to be submitted to the IRS.
We provide two methods for reprints (W-2 and 1099). You may click on the 'RE-print' button and we will print and mail the form for you or you may select 'Reports' from the Task menu and print one on your local printer.

The system is ready for 2024 SUI processing and reporting, 2023 and prior years W2C processing.
If you have any concerns please drop us a note: or call (800)-748-1934

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If you're looking for an individual Pay Stub or W2 click on the link.